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WRC Australia Nov 2017

17 - 19 November 2017


Cameron Black

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Meet the Trustees

Zoe Scott

Richard and Zoe met in early 2001 which is when their relationship began. They travelled the world and the rounds of the WRC together, memorably celebrating the world title just six months after meeting. An amazing moment, Richard had achieved his ultimate goal. But their life-long plans were abruptly halted in November 2003 when Richard was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was then they took on our biggest challenge yet.
The two years of Richard’s illness were mixed with some highs and some very dark, low moments. Often they talked a lot about the people who were ill like he was, without the support network that he had around him. Together they lost the battle in 2005.

But from Richard’s sad, untimely death RBF was born. Zoe's involvement stems from a desire to help the unfortunate people like Richard to cope with the destruction and devastation of brain cancer.

Richard had access to the best care available. Not everyone who suffers the same life threatening illness can say that. But with the help of RBF Zoe hope's we can change that.