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WRC Australia Nov 2017

17 - 19 November 2017


Calvin Morgan

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Neurological Alliance Report

How has neurology patient experience changed since 2014?

A survey of thousands of neurology patients reveals that services to diagnose, treat and provide care are failing patients across the spectrum of neurological disorders.

The Neurological Alliance is now calling for neurology to be prioritised within the NHS and for opportunities to improve the system to be seized.

Analysis of the survey data shows that patient experience in every area – time taken to receive a diagnosis, access to specialists, on-going care – has significantly deteriorated in the last two years. With the number of neurological cases in England estimated to be 12.5 million, this is a troubling finding, potentially impacting millions of people.

Sarah Vibert, Neurological Alliance Chief Executive, said: “The NHS crisis hitting the headlines this year has been happening in neurology for years. We want to use what we’re learning from the survey to improve the experience of neurology patients. I hope that by 2018 we can report a turnaround in patient experience.”

The Alliance’s recommendations in the survey report cover four key areas: