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WRC Australia Nov 2017

17 - 19 November 2017


Mike Threfall

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Your Stories

​Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor had a form of brain tumour the same as Richards. On the 3rd of July 2010 his puturity gland burst leaving him with a condition called empty stella syndrome were your puturity gland doesn't function at all and leaves you very lethargic as it isn't producing such things as simple as salt iron and mostly libido and cotozone witch runs and produces your thyroids etc. Its quite complicated he recieves injections every 6 weeks to help me maintain a healthy balance now and just over 15 months he's doing quite well. After the putirity gland burst Dave went for a MRI scan in late September and the results showed there were forms of a cancer called Astrocytoma. It was found to be fully treatable as it was pr-stage cancerous it was a huge relief. After 13 months of doctors,hospitals,treatments and family care Dave now fully recovered and hoping to return to work very soon.

Dave has taken part in football charity matches whilst undergoing his treatments - he managed to play all three 11 aside matches in Richard's honour and they all had an amazing day. Dave says "It was worth it as everything thing we were doing was helping such a great foundation and cause and for it to be one of my all time rally heros well need i say anymore it was my pleasure.."